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Illinois Superconductor Corporation

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Illinois Superconductor Corporation

Technology transfer at the University of Chicago started through ARCH Development Corporation, which was founded in 1986 as a wholly owned not-for-profit affiliate of the University charged with handling all of the University’s intellectual property and technology commercialization matters. This agreement also extended to Argonne National Laboratory, which the University of Chicago runs for the U.S. Department of Energy.

Len Batterson was an early investor in Illinois Superconductor, formed by ARCH in 1989.  The company’s mission was to develop and commercialize high temperature superconducting components and devices using advanced ceramic and other innovative material processing technologies initially developed at Argonne National Laboratory.  The company was among the first in the world to offer a commercial high temperature superconducting mobile telephone filter.  Mr. Batterson was a founding investor, director, and member of the executive committee of the company, and played a major role in the company’s financings by assembling a diverse group of individual accredited investors.

The company undertook a successful IPO and was one of the first high temperature superconducting companies to do so.  The company continues its operations 23 years after its founding focusing on bringing to wireless service providers solutions that improve capacity, coverage, and performance.

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