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NextGen Solar LLC

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NextGen Solar LLC

NextGen Solar LLC was co-founded by Len Batterson and Dr. Richard Brotzman, formerly part of the management team that developed Nanophase Technologies into a successful IPO, to develop an entirely new three-dimensional thin film solar cell and panel technology.  Present-day solar panel technologies offer low to modest solar energy capture efficiencies and/or high manufacturing costs.  NextGen Solar is developing a critically-needed breakthrough based on nanotechnology, to combine the best elements of inorganic semiconductors (high efficiency) with organic semiconductors (low cost non-toxic/earth-abundant materials and manufacturing) into one system, aiming to deliver 10% to 20% solar capture efficiency at a cost-of-goods sold of approximately $0.30/watt by the year 2015.

The NextGen Solar team has solid experience in starting and scaling start-ups, delivering successful investor exits, helping create multi billion-dollar companies, working with major Fortune 100 partner-companies, and providing the critical vision necessary to make NextGen Solar into a dominant clean energy player.  At $0.30/watt the company’s products would accomplish the elusive “grid-parity” without subsidies and positively impact the worldwide energy business.

  • Industry: Energy
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois

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