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US Robotics

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US Robotics

U. S. Robotics was one of the first companies to offer high-speed dialup modems for the personal computing market.  Founded in classic tech start-up fashion in an Illinois garage in 1976, U. S. Robotics founders first produced acoustic couplers.  From these entrepreneurial beginnings, the company under the leadership of Casey Cowell, emerged as the world leader in dial-up modem technology.  Jonathan Zakin joined the company when it had sales of $18 million and was one of the Company’ three key principals.  After managing sales and marketing, Jonathan lead the acquisitions team in the purchase of Palm Computing, Megahertz, Scorpios and a number of others as well as being the lead negotiator on the 3 Com transaction which resulted in the sale of U. S. Robotics to 3Com for approximately $8 billion, at the time the largest networking acquisition in American business history.

  • Industry: Technology
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois

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